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Agreement signed between SEG (Sogema Engineering) and Sculfort YEL

SEG, a subsidiary of CIM (Compagnie Internationale de Maintenance) in France, and Sculfort YEL, a subsidiary of Yardway in China, recently signed an agreement whereby the service-related activities of Sculfort equipment will be subcontracted exclusively to SEG, based in Lys-Lez-Lannoy, in the north of France.

According to this agreement, signed on 15th September 2015, SEG is responsible for carrying out the new service-related activities of Sculfort YEL, including Maintenance, Retrofit, Modernisation, Expertise and supply of Spare parts.

Successfully executing the servicing and maintenance activities for more than 35 years, SEG will ensure that Sculfort clients benefit from their highly professional and dedicated team, and high standard of service.

Both, SEG and Sculfort YEL, are highly reputable French suppliers of railway workshop depot equipment and their respective mother companies have extensive knowledge of the railway environment.

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