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SEG is pleased to participate with its client YAPI Merkezi in the construction of the East African high-speed railway project. The first phase of the line in Tanzania between Dar Es Salaam and Morogoro includes 2 maintenance depots that will be equipped with our UFWL. The SEG RNG30 Underfloor Wheel Lathe is a numerically controlled machine tool specially dedicated to railways, designed for reprofiling the wheels of the axles of heavy rolling stock without the need to dismantle the axles of the vehicles. This drastically reduces vehicle downtime and increases operational efficiency in operation.

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SEG has commissioned the RNG20 underfloor wheel lathe, which will be used to reprofile the T13 trains in Versailles Maintenance facility. The T13 is a tram-train linking Saint-Cyr-l'Ecole to Saint- Germain-en-Laye, west of Paris.

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SEG has successfully installed a new RNG20 UFWL for the reprofiling of T9 trams that will soon be running between Paris and Orly city. A great example of the complementary expertise of SEG and CIM group, which is responsible for integrating all the depot's strategic equipment.

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SNCF entrusts SEG with the design and manufacture of four wheelset measuring benches.

These fully automated benches, featuring high-precision laser measurement cells, will enable quick and reliable wheelset characterization at all stages of the maintenance process (from initial inspection to final validation).

3 benches will be installed in the new workshop dedicated to wheelset maintenance in Tergnier depot, and the 4th is for Nîmes depot.

A contract that confirms SEG's expertise in control and measurement equipment

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SNCF has entrusted SEG with the supply of a new RNG30 underfloor wheel lathe for Dijon maintenance facility. This heavy duty multipurpose underfloor wheel lathe is dedicated to the reprofiling of a large range of vehicles: from EMUs to locomotives, including high speed trains and even an old steam locomotive!

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