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Avec l’acquisition de MECHAN www.mechan.co.uk, CIM, fournisseur de solutions intégrées pour nombre d'entreprises majeures du secteur ferroviaire à l’international et spécialiste en maintenance de matériels roulants, renforce sa capacité à fournir des solutions clés en main à l’ensemble de sa clientèle internationale.

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UK: French depot equipment and track and rolling stock component supplier CIM has acquired Sheffield-based lifting and handling system manufacturer Mechan.

Announcing the deal on March 2, CIM said Mechan had established an international reputation with its products, which include lifting jacks, the Megalink controller, equipment drops and traversers.

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CIM: one of the key French suppliers to international railway customers.

For more than 40 years, CIM has been one of the main French solution providers to many railway authorities around the World. CIM’s flexibility and capacity to adapt to a constantly evolving international market, has enabled CIM to export its expertise and knowledge to many of the main rail transportation and public transport operators, as well as mining companies, in more than 120 countries Worldwide.

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